The Fashion Spot

February 2019 "THE FASHION SPOT" was born in a back room of my house. I had worked for a company selling clothing for about 3 years and felt God was calling me away from that and to one day opening my own brick and mortar boutique but at the time I decided that running it from my home was the best option.
One day, before I was leaving on a trip to FL, I was driving in town and saw the perfect location to rent.  I decided I would wait and if it was still available when I returned I would call and check on it. When I returned it was still for rent and in just two days time I was signing a 3 year lease to open my own boutique.  That dream became a reality on August 31, 2019.  
During this time of Covid-19 things have shut down and for many weeks no one has been out shopping and that is scary for a new business owner of only 8 months but God has been faithful. I am praying things will return to normal again soon and things in the retail world will resume too.
Getting to work at my own store every day is a dream.  I love being around people and getting to make them feel special and beautiful in what they are wearing is such a joy!
I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope that if you are in Abilene you will stop by and shop with me one day.  If you are out of town I am thankful that you stopped by my website and if you see something you would like from here that you will shop online.  
If I can help you in anyway, please reach out to me and I will help you anyway I can.
Thank you for stopping by.